I really wish the internet had a scratch-and-sniff option because I assure you, they smell just as good as they look. Both lilac trees outside my house are in full bloom right now (It’s not even June yet!). They are very mature (I suspect they are original to the house) and reach up to the second story, so the smell wafts through the open windows at night. I have also used every vase and jar and can possible to bring them inside as well!

Hello dreamy summer. I have been waiting for you.

Syringa vulgaris

Did you know that “vulgaris” means common in Latin?

Well, my very common lilacs are extremely prolific. I’ve got a giant bouquet in just about every room of the house.  I notice the smell before I even open my eyes in the morning.  I have a list of my favorite trees in the city, and these two are ranked second and third.

Garden Update

Snowball Tree: Moved

Cage-y things for beans and peas: Acquired, and set up.

Dahlia bulbs: planted

Seeds from previous weeks: actually growing.

Lilac bushes, purple and white: in full bloom. The house smells amazing.

Lawn: No longer two feet high, with unrequested help from the previously mentioned Crankiest Neighbor Around. Who gave me a lecture, but then proceeded to fix and clean my lawnmower and started to mow the lawn himself before I could get him to stop.

Strawberry plants: flowering buds picked. I did a bunch of weeding around them, and now they are growing by the hour.

Hanging baskets: hung.

Tomato and banana pepper plants: potted.

It’s all happening.

Grey Gardens, the mini-version

Confession: I have never mown a lawn in my life.  It was just never my chore to do.  I’ve come back from a month away, and the lovely person who normally handles that job has also been away and will be gone for some time to come. We are now that house on the street – the entire front yard is dandelions, and the grass up to your knees. We have a very neat-and-tidy neighbor who loves to mow his lawn, and every week he veers a little further into our yard. I’m hoping that if I just wait, I might come home one day to a smug neighbor and a clean yard.

And, the tulips are nearly done, but the giant lilac bushes in the front of the house are about to bloom.

There is a long weekend coming up and I have big plans for the garden friends, big plans.