The Dorothy Shirt

I used to do some character work as Dorothy Gail from The Wizard of Oz and modelled as Dorothy as well (I have some really fun images from a shoot in a coin-laundry). It involved false eyelashes, a basket, and  – of course – ruby slippers! With it’s slightly gathered sleeves and checkered print, I like to think that this shirt is the casual, ready-to-wear version of that costume. It was so easy to make (McCalls 5318) and probably had the fewest pieces I’ve ever used for a pattern. And I always appreciate a pattern with a lot of darts. I decided to match the checks when I could, but not to get all hung up on it either.

The only drawback with this shirt is that I also modelled it after one of my person’s button-downs (I tried to steal it so many times that I just decided to make my own). We have discovered just how matchy and  “his and hers” it looks if we both wear them! Schedules will have to be worked out…

One thought on “The Dorothy Shirt

  1. I love this shirt, and the way you wrote about it. Husband and I have green and blue corduroy jackets made from a WW2 era military jacket pattern. Schedules indeed….

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