Farmer’s Market Shirt


Hurray for Spring Bring on Colour!

I actually made this shirt over my school break in February, but hadn’t had a chance to photograph it since then. It’s another version of the Folsom Prison Blouse. This time I eliminated the ruffles and used the alternate collar. The material is a lovely doted “twinkle crepe” (I have do idea what that means, but I felt I needed a little twinkle in my day).  The material was pretty easy to work with, but it became tricky when I had seams that crossed over both interfaced and non-faced parts. I was constantly going back and fourth between two different needles. I also ended up making 2 collars:  I couldn’t get the first one to line up properly and after ripping it out several times, I decided it would be better to just start that part all over again and it gave me some material to practice the button holes on. I doubled the number of them and used some little pearly ones that didn’t make the cut for the last shirt. I love that it’s professional enough for the office, but is cozy enough for the saturday morning market run.

4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Shirt

  1. Definately ‘twinkley’. This is divine on you, and that outfit with the high waisted skirt…drewl! I am officially following your blog, can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    • Thank you so much! FBA: sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on the pattern, the material and also – the bra! I try to look for patterns with already start out with bust darts in hopes of less alterations to do.

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