Convention Dress


I finished this dress in time to wear it to the library convention, but didn’t end up wearing it (I got into a lot of awkward positions as the photographer that definitely required pants).  I have become obsessed with many-darted-button-downs, (see the Projects page) and am staying with that theme, now in dress form! It’s view C of Simplicity 2246, with the belt from another view. It was originally shown as a fake skirt/shirt combo. I used the same fabric for both parts, and was confused as to why the button placket was assembled in 4 pieces until I remembered that they were designed to be from different fabric.

Overall, I like the pattern, but I had some issues. I added pockets because they make everything better and shortened the whole thing by about 6 inches. The sizing is smaller for this line, so I went up a size to compensate and used a stretch cotton,  but the front still pulls. I might just add some snaps in-between the buttons for now. Next time, I will change the button placement and increase the length of the belt – it’s just a wee bit on the short side. I love the print though, and it’s so comfortable!

Maybe it’s the slightly retro/Modcloth shape, but this dress makes me want to watch A League of Their Own! I imagine the Rockford Peaches would love this dress.


5 thoughts on “Convention Dress

  1. hopped over here from the SSS flickr group. This dress is really nice! I’ve been thinking about making a shirtdress (at some point) and this pattern turned out a lovely dress.

  2. I discovered your blog through burdastyle and I love every single one of your projects! This dress is probably one of my favorite (with the Folsom Prison Blue Blouse).
    I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Love this dress. Your version looks far more flattering than the one on the envelope! This pattern was a free giveaway with SEW magazine recently. It didn’t interest me then but it does now! 🙂

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