First Real Tree Ever

This year, I won the annual fake/real Christmas Tree debate! I could not stop giggling with excitement the whole time we were at the tree lot.  The air was crisp and the woodsy-pine smell was very apparent. We picked out the perfect little fir and managed to get it home without any major problems. I was relieved to discover that indeed, it did fit in our house: it’s difficult when there’s nothing to help you with scale but the other trees. Let Christmas begin!

P.S. Did you know that my province provides Boston with it’s tree for the Boston Common each year? You can read about it here or see a video here.


Yes please.

I felt this print from the Etsy shop thewheatfield was a very fitting way to round out Beach Week. I would also like an entire day at the beach, with lots of swimming. Then a big – but easy – dinner, (swimming makes me ravenous for some reason) like Pad Thai, and to finally fall asleep watching a movie and snacking on fresh strawberries.

If I just keep wishing, summer might actually happen.

Spring to-do list!

Hurray! I have finally finished my classes and hit the “submit” button on my last assignment. How will I ever fill all that homework/meeting/studying/presentation time you ask? I’ve got a few ideas:

1.       Sewing! I have a whole other list of projects I want to make.

2.       Big cups of coffee,  stacks of magazines.

3.      Design business cards.

4.       Garden plan of attack.

5.       Letter-writing frenzy.

6.       Supah-dupah clean the house.

7.       Oh, Treme!

8.      Put away the last of the xmas decorations! (Oops! I got so used to looking at them I stopped noticing them after while).

9.       Mending/ sorting/ clearing out.

10.     Non–required reading.


Free time – what a refreshing concept!


Image from the Graphics Fairy

Will Return

While my heart is already projecting into summer – tomato plants, Popsicles, and sun-dappled days – my brain and my time has been swallowed up by my very last assignments for grad school.  So, no posts until next Thursday.  In the meantime, enjoy some daydreamy time for me: