Resolution Intervention

So, there were some New Year’s resolutions, mainly to use the supplies of all kinds around my house, be they cooking, crafting or sewing. Uhm, yeah. January was great, February went well, but between March and April, any focus I had on that petered out. I think it’s time to reflect, adapt my expectations, and move on with the new plan.

Here’s what I did (and didn’t) accomplish:

1. I got rid of about 75% of my scrapbooking supplies. That felt really good, and they went to friend who was delighted to get them. I have been printing out more of my photos, thanks to using Instagram (you can follow me here). They are just too fun to stay on my laptop!

2. I have been consistently using my fabric and pattern stash. That’s going well.

3. I keep trying out recipes I find online, instead of the ones in my pretty cookbooks. Fail.

4. I haven’t worn a single vintage item. I think it’s time to admit that my look has evolved away from 1950’s day-dresses. I love vintage, but I’m ready to break-up with my collection. I just haven’t decided what to do with them yet.

The new plan:

1. I have gone through my cookbooks and selected enough recipes to try out 3 new dishes a week for the next 6 weeks. That way I can shop for groceries with them in mind and have a more specific goal.

2. I bought more alphabet letter stickers (I like Thickers).  When I went through my supplies, I discovered how hard it was to actually spell any page titles without any vowels. This should help, but I’m also going to set a goal of 2 pages per week.

3. Fabric/patterns. Keep on it! I’m doing the Colette Pattern Challenge, so that should also help me make a more cohesive wardrobe.

Really, this is a plan for persistence – I’m working on it!

Resolution Report Card: January

Having resolved to Use it Up, this month I:

  • Went through my scrapbook supplies and ended up giving away about 75% of my paper
  • Made two dresses using fabric and a pattern from my stash
  • Cooked new recipes from my cookbooks (including quinoa cakes – yum!)
  • Did not wear a single vintage item

So, not too bad.  I really need to work on wearing (or framing, or giving away) my vintage clothes, but other than that, it was a pretty productive month.

Resolutions 2012: Use it up

Sometimes I need a little kick in the butt to get out of my buying-with-a-plan-but-not-actually-using rut. Putting together the supplies for my Daily December project, I was shocked to see just how many craft supplies I have trucked around with me over the years. So in 2012, I’m resolving to either follow through on all those plans, (big or small) or to clear things out:

1. Cook out of my beautiful cookbooks rather than endlessly searchingTastespotting. I’ve already cleared out any titles I never really used or involve ingredients I don’t really eat. I’ve kept only the ones I love to sit and look at; except that isn’t really their purpose is it?

2. Scrapbook my way through my craft supplies, until everything runs out (movie stubs or paper – whichever happens first). If there is anything left over, it will be donated to an appropriate charity.

3. WEAR MY VINTAGE CLOTHES. I AM NOT OPERATING AN ARCHIVE. (The all-caps are directed at me, not you). I either need to frame them or wear them, but not just let them wither in the closet. There are a few things I am going to give away  – I have just the right people in mind for them – a few I might sell, and the others I will wear.

4. Sew from my fabric stash only, using the patterns I have amassed. I have more patterns than fabric, but I don’t like the idea of having a closet full of fabric either.  I have some specific sewing goals as well, but there are too many of those to list here. I’m so excited to be sewing again!

I think it’s going to be a busy, but delicious year!

Me Made September/ teeny epiphanies

A few of my self-made pieces: 1. Anthro Copy, 2. Folsom Prison Blouse, 3. Librarian Jacket, 4. Ivy League Blazer

I learned many things during my horrible attempt at Me Made June.

1. I was not nearly as organized as I should have been. I really, really need a camera remote and a scheduled time for photographs.

2. Many of my self-stiched items were made for colder weather.

3. There is a distinct lack of bottoms in my catalogue of projects.

4. I work out a lot and am therefore mostly dressed in some kind of transition piece pre-or-post workout. Perhaps it is time to make some yoga pants.

So, having figured all of that out, I’m going to give this challenge another go with Self-Stitched September. My plan is going to be to wear one piece of self-made clothing everyday. I’ll be doing a round-up post once a week of the outfits and posting daily to the flickr group. I’m really looking forward to this!


Can’t Wait for Fall

I know, I know, I couldn’t wait for summer. I am not wishing it away, but if there’s one thing I love even more than summer, it’s fall! The weather has been pretty chilly around here and it’s got me wishing for back-to-school. September is the real New Year for me, as I know it is for many people. Here’s my annual list of things I am looking forward to this Autumn:

1. Crisp mornings

2. Film Festival time! I love how seriously my partner and I take going through the program and choosing our films.

3. Word On The Street

4. Book season – awards, festivals, and lists

5. Cozy sweaters, socks, and scarves

6. Hot Chocolate

7.  Visiting my favourite trees in town

8. Pumpkin flavoured everything

9. Writing letters

10. The first smell of wood stove in the neighborhood

11. Tights of all colours and patterns

12. Endless planning of Halloween costumes

13. Apple season

14. Crunchy leaves underfoot

15. Soup! Can we please eat soup again?


My wedding dress

Instyle March 2010

I can’t help but laugh when I tell people that I found my wedding dress at the gym. I was running on the treadmill and was flipping through the magazine that was already on there. When I came across this image I had to stop running. As discretely as I could (in the middle of the gym, all sweaty) I ripped this page out. I had to: this is the dress.

I have been engaged since Christmas, and while we have yet to make a single big decision (the date, location, etc.), I have picked one thing: my dress. Or rather, I have (perhaps over-ambitiously) decided to make my dress. It will be like this, only shorter.  Anne here is modeling an Oscar DeLaRenta.

This is going to be an elegant, but non-traditional wedding.  I love to wear bold colours, and I don’t see why my wedding dress should be any different. Before the handy days of Pinterest (you can see my boards here), I had also hoarded another ripped-out magazine page, that of the Vogue spread from the wedding of Dita Von Tease and Marilyn Manson (March 2006). While I certainly won’t be taking up the entire hall with a dress as massive as her Vivianne Westwood creation, the image of Dita in that glorious purple colour always stayed with me.

Photo by Steven Klein

I’m thinking by the time all is said and done (and decided upon), it will probably be about 2 years before the actual wedding, so that gives me plenty of time to:

1. Source materials

2. Find a pattern (vintage probably) with the appropriate proportions

3. Create several muslins on which to practice whatever that pleated-bodice technique is called (anyone have an idea?)

4. Finally, construct the actual dress!