Collection Tour: Cherry Ames & The Bobbsey Twins

When Casey from Elegant Musings put out the call for cherished collections, I knew exactly what I would like to share. Allow me to present a small portion of my collection! My relationship with The Bobbsey Twins and Cherry Ames goes back thirty years.  My mother started collecting the books when she was pregnant with me (thanks Mom!). While other kids eagerly dove into The Boxcar Kids or maybe Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys, I always had a soft-spot for these slightly B-list books. I love to see them lined up on my shelves, green-tipped paper and all.

The books came from the Stratemeyer Syndicate, which also published the Nancy Drew books (there’s a great podcast on the history of the syndicate here).  The repetitive nature of the series makes them ideal for collecting. I always keep my eye out for them at used book stores, online, and at garage sales, although Cherry Ames titles are much harder to find in Canada. Neither series has survived the test of time well, with content that today would be considered sexist and racist (check out this article on the challenges of the Cherry Ames series). They are a portrait of a particular time in history.

Thanks to Casey for having me along on the tour!


CLA 2011 details

I’ve been at the conference for the Canadian Library Association for the past few days, where I volunteered as the photographer. Although I was mainly focused on the attendees and presenters at the conference, I couldn’t help but get a few detail shots. The second image is part of an exhibit from Pier 21, our Museum of Immigration, and what Nova Scotia experience would be complete without seafood?


Vintage Library Reader


Santa left this “Dick and Jane” type reader under my tree this year. It covers different kinds of libraries, including a bookmobile! I didn’t realize they were in existence in the fifties. I also love the picture of the kids combing through the card-catalogue. I’m so glad we don’t use them anymore! I would love one for the house though.