Simple Pleasures: Chives

I love that our garden contains old and established plants that surprise me every year. This is true of the chives. I don’t even water them in the summer, didn’t put any mulch around them before the winter and yet they continue not only to return, but to take over more and more real estate.  I put them in everything: scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, biscuits. Although, I think I might have too much for even me this year. I’m in need of an Overgrown Plant Exchange. Any takers?

Backyard Dreaming

I feel like these are the grown-up version of the tree-house I always wanted.

And there is an awfully large, low brach on the tree in the backyard – wouldn’t these pods be the perfect reading/nap nook?

However, I did notice the photos on the website don’t actually show how you would get into them. Rope-ladder accessible to only those with the secret code perhaps…

Found via Black Eiffel.

Chinese Lanterns

I love Chinese Lanterns.  They stay fresh for quite a while and are such a great colour. I first learned about them from my sister, who discovered them in the neighbourhood and insisted I come along to look at this plant (I imagine that neighbour was quite perplexed to see the two of us and her dog in deep discussion while pointing at her garden).  I saw them at the market, bobbing out of many baskets and bags until I finally cornered someone and asked “where did you get those?” I am definitely going to plant some next spring.

The last harvest

I picked the last of the carrots this weekend.  It was a big carrot bouquet and they smelled so great.  Now I am craving carrot-cake, maybe with creme-cheese icing.  Yes.  The garden looks sad and straggly now. I discovered some left-over green beans on the vine that had shrivelled up outside – I forgot about them! I’m wondering about planting garlic, but also if I’ve left it too late…

I wish I had these growing up

How great are purple potatoes? They were our most recent “try a new food a week” purchase from the Farmers Market. They bring a comfort food to a new dynamic level. I made the Southwestern potatoes from The Minimalist the other night and they were delicious. I picked some thyme and sage, but ended up throwing in cilantro instead. Combined with the beans, corn, and green onions our boring dinner of potatoes ended up causing a fight over the leftovers. I plan on making a bunch of variations of this recipe throughout the winter.


I was introduced to Halloumi earlier this summer by my friend Maddy, (queen of all things fabulous) and now I am hooked.  I made a huge dinner of roast veg: beans  and spicy oregano from the garden, coloured tomatoes and sweet peppers from the market, potatoes, zucchini – it’s a great dish for clearing out the fridge, and especially good with big glasses of red wine . Delicious!