I really wish the internet had a scratch-and-sniff option because I assure you, they smell just as good as they look. Both lilac trees outside my house are in full bloom right now (It’s not even June yet!). They are very mature (I suspect they are original to the house) and reach up to the second story, so the smell wafts through the open windows at night. I have also used every vase and jar and can possible to bring them inside as well!

Hello dreamy summer. I have been waiting for you.


I’ve simply given up on winter. I’m done. I have decided to enter into the time-honoured tradition of Canadian Seasonal Denial. When I first moved back to Canada, the rather optimistic outfits I saw (pastel colours, the occasional pair of flip-flops) would make me giggle. There is a sense here of “I will make spring happen” – if I act like it’s warmer, the weather will follow suit.

And so, as my first act of denial I purchased some yellow tulips. It’s been so long since there have been flowers in the house that I couldn’t even find a vase! They are currently housed in the measuring cup for my immersion blender.

I’m already feeling better.  Now if only I could find my flip-flops.

Previous project

This is a dress I made over spring beak, but haven’t ever photographed. It’s Simplicity 2444, and the fabric was part of a “flower of the month club” (they’re carnations) that  I found in the sale bin.  It’s a Project Runway pattern, which I really like because you can mix and match all the elements to create different dresses. I am going to use this same pattern for my new dress, only this time without the cape collar and maybe some trim from velvet or bias tape.

Photo by Shannon Webb Campbell