Dec Daily 1: Tea

Well fine then December. I see your cold during the busiest time of year, but I am doing my best to fight it. There’s been some home-made “neoctiron” happening as well as this potent brew.  It’s from David’s Tea and even in my current condition I can still smell the ginger and lemongrass in there.

This photo is part of my December Daily project, which is a scrapbooking challenge. I’ll be posting the finished scrapbook pages to my flickr page if you would like to follow along.


Can’t Wait for Fall

I know, I know, I couldn’t wait for summer. I am not wishing it away, but if there’s one thing I love even more than summer, it’s fall! The weather has been pretty chilly around here and it’s got me wishing for back-to-school. September is the real New Year for me, as I know it is for many people. Here’s my annual list of things I am looking forward to this Autumn:

1. Crisp mornings

2. Film Festival time! I love how seriously my partner and I take going through the program and choosing our films.

3. Word On The Street

4. Book season – awards, festivals, and lists

5. Cozy sweaters, socks, and scarves

6. Hot Chocolate

7.  Visiting my favourite trees in town

8. Pumpkin flavoured everything

9. Writing letters

10. The first smell of wood stove in the neighborhood

11. Tights of all colours and patterns

12. Endless planning of Halloween costumes

13. Apple season

14. Crunchy leaves underfoot

15. Soup! Can we please eat soup again?



After a successful weekend of cleaning/sorting/clearing out, I squished any clothes that:

a). I never wear, and really, never will wear (this includes some items I had been holding on to since high school),

b). are too big/too small/ never really fit me in the first place,

c). I loyally keep with the intention of possibly using them for a Halloween costume,

and headed out to a clothing swap.

There were about 20 cohorts there from my grad school program. We’ve had several swaps l and while I enjoy going, I don’t normally take home that much. Usually my mantra is to leave with far less than what I arrived with. However, this time it felt like the opposite!

Our method includes pilling all the clothes in a big common area, with one person pulling out an item at a time. Anyone interested can lay claim to the top. If there is more than one taker, it is either debated at the moment or set aside until the very end. Anything left unclaimed is donated to charity.  The image above is of the leftover clothes – that’s just how much stuff university students will get rid of at the end of the semester. Do you love that giant sweater? Enough to pack it and move it across the country? As someone who is not planning on moving (at least in the next few months) I was quite happy to pounce on some great pieces!

30/30: Best Gift From Me, To Me

Hunter Wellies!

Well, it was about time. I finally got a pair back in September and have been in love with them ever since. They come in so handy, especially when you live in an area that could experience a hurricane/snowstorm/some-combo-of- the-two on a daily basis. I didn’t own a pair of rain boots for years, for reasons unknown to me.  I always meant to buy them, but  never thought about it until I was wet and miserable. The funny thing is that at the time, it felt like such a responsible, grown-up purchase, but now means that I jump in puddles with abandon.

Image from Sweet Memories Cakery

Bedroom before and after

Before: the land of left-over furniture and other assorted items.

After: cozy spare bedroom and writing-room for the Mr.

It was a spur-of-the-moment project, but a good one. We did the majority of the work in about 24 hours, but are still making little adjustments. Most of the items in here were either free or found on kajiji.  I made some basic tab-curtains (the tabs are short at the moment, but that might change) and we framed some vintage maps we got in New York. It’s so cozy in there now – it went from being the room we never used to the one we hang out in the most!