The Brush Stroke Wrap Dress: Knits!

Disclaimer: The sleeves are the same length! I have no idea why I didn’t have them in same place for the photos!

Ta-da! My first attempt at knitwear! I decided that I was severely limiting myself by being such a chicken about sewing with knit fabric. I used Butterick 5454, which came together really quickly. It was only once I had completed the dress though, that I was able to see what a disaster the sewn pleats were. I unpicked them, so that the volume created by them would start right from my waist rather than from my backside (there are two more pleats on the back). I was much happier with those results. I was shocked by how easy the whole process was: I was expected stretched out seams and hems and basically a big mess.

I still learned a lot though: next time I’ll raise the neckline, and I’ll probably sew a little snap on the bodice of this dress so that it won’t be quite so va-va-voom, but Β really, I love the fit. The pleats coming from the shoulders meant that I didn’t have any pulling across the front, and it’s so comfortable! It feels like I’m wearing a big, bright cozy t-shirt.

I need to figure out how to wash dark knit fabric. I don’t know if I even needed to wash it before hand. If you can image, this fabric was even more vibrant before I washed it (which was in cold water and just a little time in the dryer).

Do you have any tips for sewing with knits? Washing them? I’d love to hear!

Photos courtesy of the great Denis Duquette.


13 thoughts on “The Brush Stroke Wrap Dress: Knits!

  1. That looks awesome! I might have to invest in that pattern.
    Your dress looks like the ones that are in Banana Republic right now.

  2. Wow! Looks great! πŸ™‚ I like to cut out my knits right before sewing them to minimize the curling (or you can starch and iron them I’ve heard but haven’t actually done). I also use a ball point needle to sew knits. I wash mine on gentle and often in lingerie bags in a load of laundry of soft items (no zippers/velcro etc) and often lay them flat to dry. Some of my daughter’s knits I will dry in the dryer on low.

  3. Nice. I need a go to wool jersey dress for winter. i made a muslin out of New Look 6097 (the project Runway one) and was absolutely awful (now I know why all the indie fabric stores here have stopped stocking NL). Wrt sewing with knits I use the ‘L’ (lightening) stitch or the overlocking stretch stitch on my sewing machine. Anything with wool/ cotten/ linen in it gets pre-washed to prevent post sewing shrinkage.

  4. Your dress looks great! I love wrap dresses and you have inspired me to try making one with patterned fabric instead of my usual solid color πŸ™‚

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