Carnival Cookies!

Yup. That is popcorn you see up there.

I don’t quite know what to think about these cookies. They are from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Everyday. I was really excited to make them because although there’s no dairy or added sugar, (or even eggs!) there is popcorn, chocolate chips and peanuts in the dough! There wasn’t a picture for this recipe, so I had no idea what these little guys would even look like.

Turns out they look like macaroons, but taste, well, rather odd. Not bad, but I wasn’t scarfing them down either. I had to make some substitutions (quinoa puffs instead of oats), but I think the flavour that throws me off are the bananas. There are 3 mashed bananas in a recipe with few ingredients that only makes 24 small cookies. I found the flavour of them overpowering and incompatible with the popcorn. The popcorn gets a little soft in the cookies, kind of like marshmallows.

I would like to make these again, but I think I will use add-ins that work with banana bread: walnuts, chocolate, coconut etc. Made with healthier options, they would make a great and quick breakfast snack – or maybe even a granola bar.


2 thoughts on “Carnival Cookies!

  1. Bananas are a vegan egg-replacement – so you can probably make them with eggs rather than bananas if you’re not opposed to that.

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