The case of the missing pattern


Someone please call Nancy Drew, I am in need of her assistance.  I have this beaut of a pattern that I was just about to begin making a muslin for, but have been sidelined due to a missing pattern. For some reason, I can only find the instructions. Where is the envelope? Where are the pattern pieces? Did I already cut them up in a moment of overly keen organization and mistakenly put them into the envelope for another item?  I suspect that I now have to search through all of my patterns to find the numbers that don’t match.

I’m off to put on the kettle. I think this hunt is going to require a big cup of tea.


P.S. I found the Nancy Drew part of image here.




3 thoughts on “The case of the missing pattern

    • What a great idea! Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I’m waiting to see if I can find it though – I know its around here somewhere. If I can’t find it, I will put out the call!

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