December Daily Wrap Up


I’m still plugging in a few holes (day 14,22 and 25 are happening today), but for the most part, my scrapbook of December is done! It was my first time trying out such a challenge and while it took me a little bit of time to work out my process, I really enjoyed it. I decided not to bother to try working on the scrapbook on the road. It wasn’t a question of supply availability, but time availability. I was quite happy to wait until I got home to finish it.

I didn’t think that I had that many Christmas/December traditions, but looking through the pages I was surprised to see lots of annual events, from the big (Latkepallooza) to the small (holiday blend Just Us Coffee). There are also pages that emphasize the non-holiday, usual day-to-day activities as well. I wanted my scrapbook to reflect reality, not just garland and lights. I’ll definitely be doing this again next year!

You can see Part One of my December Daily here, or the flickr set of images here.


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