Gingerbread Weasley Burrow

Every year during the holidays, my family makes a gingerbread house. Normally I participate more in the deconstruction rather than the construction, but it’s always a highlight for me. This year, after seeing the Lego set for the Weasley’s Burrow, I thought, what a great gingerbread house that would be. There are photos and instructions available online (sometimes from professional bakers/prop-makers/architects), but I am lucky to have a dad who is both obsessive and awesome. He created his own template and (due to a sudden emergency – what’s Christmas without one?) did all the work himself.

I’ve already been on the lookout for an idea for next year and, ever the competitor, I’m tempted to give one a go myself. Perhaps a family wide, long-distance bake-off is in order!


4 thoughts on “Gingerbread Weasley Burrow

  1. Holy cow, that is awesome. I did homemade ones this year with the kids and my brother-in-law (first time for each of them), but I baked simple square cottages!
    If you are looking for a challenge, how about Habitat from Expo ’67? No one could ever top that. 😉

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