Altering history: family vintage


My mom only saved a few items of clothing from when she was young, but wow, the things she did save are amazing. They are the clothes I always get compliments on. How about those high-waisted pants?

The problem is that despite the fact that these are hand-me-downs from my mother (and grandmother), they don’t always fit. Apparently I am shorter, smaller, but curvier than they were at the time. Which is fine, it just makes things a little more complicated. It feels wrong to alter items that have been handed down in my family. But If I don’t wear them, who will?

The green skirt was originally a full-length maxi skirt (that may require a post of its own. It was quite the transformation). The trousers need to lose about 4 inches off the bottom, and the dress – while lovely in the photo – is big and frumpy on. I think I might make it a mini-dress, or maybe a wiggle dress.

I know I will just need to ignore the little voice that will whisper, don’t ruin it. Ugh. Sewing anxiety.



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