36 hour cookies

I tried out 36-hour cookies this weekend. According the New York Times, this is THE cookie recipe you have been waiting for and you’re going to need to extend that wait for another 36 hours. Luckily for me, one of my favourite gluten-free bloggers converted it.  I halved the amount of sugar and butter (I don’t like an overly-sweet cookie), added walnuts, but followed the rest of the instructions exactly. I did have a moment where I considered using quinoa and bean-flours and flax seeds, but decided instead to get over any healthy inclinations I was having. These are cookies after all. I sneaked in a bite of the dough and was shocked to discover that it actually tasted good! Those who have food allergies will appreciate what a feat this is! Normally g.f. goods taste fine once they are cooked but certainly not during the dough stage.

I dutifully wrapped up the dough and put it in the fridge to wait. And wait and wait and wait. 36 hours is a long time, but I assure you it was worth it. The vanilla, the brown sugar, the sea-salt on top….you could taste them all in each bite. Crunchy but not too crunchy, chewy but not too chewy, these really are my perfect chocolate chip cookies. Thank you, Thank you Gluten Free Girl!



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