e&a archives: Halloween

I had a few requests for the transcript of the awkward conversation from Halloween 2010, so I decided to dip into the archives and post this once more. I am a little relieved not to be on candy duty this year. Happy Halloween!

Halloween conversation

The following is a transcription of a conversation between a trick-or-treater wearing a long black cape and a pointy hat with stars and moons on it and me:

Small Child:  Guess what I am.

Me: A wizard?

SC: No (said in a tone of  – well, duh).

Me: ….Something from Harry Potter.

SC: No!

Me: I’m 0 for 2. You’re going to have to help me out.

SC: (exasperated) I’m a druid princess.

Me: Well, you know the differences are subtle.



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