Cozy fall eating

It was Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend. I was really looking forward to cooking something other than the traditional turkey dinner. There was no crack of dawn farmer’s market run for the appropriate sized bird. There was no jostling for oven time between dishes. It was great and delicious. I made Martha Stewart’s mushroom tart and orange cranberry sauce as well as a curried pumpkin soup. I put cranberry goat-cheese on the top of the tart, but really you could use anything (I’m already plotting another one with chorizo and sun-dried tomatoes).

For dessert, I made baked apples stuffed with walnuts, pecans, gluten-free ginger snap crumbs and marzipan, served with chai gelato. It was just the indulgent comfort food I was looking for. I found the recipe for that on Tastespotting.

So today I would like to say Thanks. Thank you to all the people create and post content online. Thank you for inspiration and ideas, explanations and stories, and – best of all – tutorials and how-to’s for everything from enabling a macro in Power Point, to sewing a blind hem, to baking stuffed apples.

And thank you for reading this blog.


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