Cheap update: Put an elbow patch on it

I was getting ready for Me Made September, and I pulled out my Ivy League Blazer from the back of the closet. I made it last year basically as a vehicle for the elbow patches I was so nostalgically longing for. As it turns out, I was right on trend. I have been seeing sweaters and shirts with patches on the elbows everywhere from high fashion magazines to H & M.  However, I couldn’t help but laugh when I looked at the price tag of all those jumpers.

You can buy patches for about 5 bucks in a rainbow of colours, a variety of  materials and they only need about 5 minutes of work.  You can also make your own!  For under ten dollars, you can be right on trend too and I’m including a sweater/blazer/cardigan from the thrift-store in that price. I was going to buy one just to show you, but when I got up to the cash register, I suddenly realized why I was so drawn to that particular grey v-neck: I already have one just like it!  So that bumped my project cost down by half and the more I thought about it, I suspected that I already had patches at home (leftover options from the blazer). That brought my grand total down to free. So five minutes and no dollars later, I had a cute new fall sweater:

Photo source: 1) The Pursuit Aesthetic, but I suspect that it originally came from The Sartorialist.



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