Me Made September/ teeny epiphanies

A few of my self-made pieces: 1. Anthro Copy, 2. Folsom Prison Blouse, 3. Librarian Jacket, 4. Ivy League Blazer

I learned many things during my horrible attempt at Me Made June.

1. I was not nearly as organized as I should have been. I really, really need a camera remote and a scheduled time for photographs.

2. Many of my self-stiched items were made for colder weather.

3. There is a distinct lack of bottoms in my catalogue of projects.

4. I work out a lot and am therefore mostly dressed in some kind of transition piece pre-or-post workout. Perhaps it is time to make some yoga pants.

So, having figured all of that out, I’m going to give this challenge another go with Self-Stitched September. My plan is going to be to wear one piece of self-made clothing everyday. I’ll be doing a round-up post once a week of the outfits and posting daily to the flickr group. I’m really looking forward to this!



3 thoughts on “Me Made September/ teeny epiphanies

  1. @autopilotstar i think zoe was partly inspired by natalie’s makeshift project

    erica i concur both on the awkwardness of photographing without a remote and the transitioning between me-made and sports clothes, i sometimes cycle to and from work so i have been know to get dressed back into my me-made outfit after i’ve showered to take pic, the things we do for challenges πŸ™‚

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