Tension over tension

Does your sewing machine have mood swings? I swear that mine does. Things will be going smoothly for days and then suddenly, everything’s a tangled mess. I go through all the usual steps right back to the beginning – machine threaded properly? Correct tension settings? Appropriate needle for that fabric?

And still, things are clearly not right. When this scenario happened yesterday I took it as a sign that I had done enough sewing for the day and instead curled up on the couch with a book. When I tried again this morning, all was mysteriously well. Apparently, all it needed was a time out.



2 thoughts on “Tension over tension

    • Agreed! I find I rarely find a solution to any sewing problems once my patience starts to wear thin, so it’s usually much better for me and the project if I can just take a deep breath and walk away!

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