Palm Spring Dress Beginnings

I was telling my dad about all the dresses I currently have on the go for other people, when he interjected to ask, “and anything for yourself”?

That conversation was lingering in my brain when I sorted through my fabric the other night. I pulled out this beautiful jade-and-rust cotton I picked up in New York, which I had been keeping for just the right project.  To be honest, I was scared to use it I liked it so much.

I had wanted to make a maxi-dress this summer, but couldn’t find a knit jersey that I liked or a print that fit my petite frame. I had only bought three meters of the cotton fabric, but the more I looked at it, the more I had to restrain myself from doing a little dance. I decided that if I cut out the pieces very carefully and strategically, it might just work. And let me tell you, it was close! Really, it was only do-able because I’m 5’2 and I shortened the pattern pieces to fit me. I’m making view A without the sleeves. It’s coming along quickly, and I will have some great photos to show you when I’m done!



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