Operation Dresses Everywhere

There is a whole lot of sewing goin’ on around here. All dresses, all for different people. I know of many wise posts from around the sewing blogosphere on the perils of sewing for other people, but I’m diving in anyway. I serendipitously fell into the first assignment and it snowballed from there. I am making 4 shirt-dresses, 3 bridesmaid dresses, and 2 dresses for other wedding attendants. Basically, this whole wedding is being brought to you by moi (except the wedding dress, phew!). With the heat and the volume of work, I am indeed a sweatshop of one these days.

Luckily, none of the dresses involve boning or draping, so the actual construction is very manageable. I have a spreadsheet going with each dress broken down into tasks and deadlines (my MLIS degree at work!). However there are a few problems already: I have fallen in love with the bridesmaid dress and the fabric from one of the shirt-dresses (see the floral fabric above). Oops!



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