Guest Post: Quiet and Small

Guest Post: Kristin from Quiet and Small

I love to read blogs written by grad students. I too come from the club where even though you are super busy, you can’t help but start yet another project. Kristin’s blog is one of my favourites from this category. She makes fun items with lots of patterns (I love her plaid shorts!). I’m thrilled to have her share a project here. Thanks Kristin!

Hi! I’m Kristin from quiet and small adventures in ph.d-land and I’m thrilled to be guest blogging for Erica. I found her lovely blog thru the me-made june challenge and now I’m here, talking to y’all about my sewing. which is hilarious to me (and exciting) because I’ve only been sewing since last may. here’s the story…

Late may 2010, I decided I was tired of discovering the perfect vintage dress only to find that it was 3 sizes too small. I’m a grad student and most of the clothing i loved in stores was outside my price point. I’m one of those people who can figure out how most things work (not always well, mind you!) and i decided to learn to sew. I bought an old singer sewing machine from the late 60’s and dove in, really dove in!

Instead of making a pillowcase of apron, my first finished item was a dress made out of a thrifted sheet. This was my inspiration,

a picture of Zooey Deschanel wearing a sundress with a pintucked hem. I made the skirt, pintucked it and hemmed. then made the bodice by draping and pinning, then fitting it on me until i liked it. I ended up loving the topstitching,

as it gives that illusion of slimmer sides! I had this picture taken of me in lab the day after i finished it, so it’s the first picture of my favorite dress

(I did not want my face on my blog then, but have since gotten over it!)

That simple dress took me days to make and now it’s my go-to dress in all seasons. I’ve worn it to lab a few times (you’ve seen the photos to prove that), for date night when mr q&s and I visited NYC, to brunch here in town and I took it to florida to visit my parents.  The scariest place I’ve worn that dress was to my very good friend’s wedding last june. It was 98F that day and i was terrified that people would point and laugh. Instead, at the reception a 14 year old girl asked me where I bought it. when I told her I made the dress, her response killed me! She said, “oh no, now I can’t go get my own!!” and looked so disappointed. What a relief to me, no pointing and laughing at all! One of my male friends was so proud that i made the dress that he pointed it out anytime I got a compliment that night! It was awesome!

If you live in my town, no doubt you’ve seen me hanging out in that dress at the local restaurants and bars or flying by on my bike, skirt behaving in the wind. I love that dress when it’s hot, as it’s super soft, light cotton and makes me feel cooler temperature wise. in the fall and winter I layer it over black tights and boots and add a red cardi or black knit hoodie. It gets worn all the time. most people are super awed by the fact that I made something and are really complimentary no matter how crooked, wonky or terrible something I made is.

The lesson of the aqua dress is never to be scared to try something new and don’t be scared to admit that you’ve made something.

So go forth, make and wear something awesome!



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