Guest Post: Sown Brooklyn

Guest Post: Wanett from Sown Brooklyn

I love a blog that combines my favourite passions and Sown Brooklyn definitely fits the bill. An entire post devoted to the beauty of pencil crayons? I’m in. In addition to being a mom to four kids (4!), sewing and knitting, Wanett is also working on her MLIS. Hurray for librarians who sew! I’m so happy to have her over here! The top involved in her adventure bellow has me convinced it is time to conquer my Fear of Knits. Thank you Wanett!

The Right Time for Adventures

When my children were small traveling a distance greater than a few blocks was
challenging. I would sit awake on nights when they slept little, dreaming of the
day when we could go on adventures together. Now that the youngest of the bunch,
my twins, are four years old, I have happily discovered that prime adventure
time is here!

Our first of the season happened only recently when the weather here in Brooklyn
decided to give us a reprieve from its persistent dreariness, rain and clouds.
On one of the first bright days of June, my family adventured to Brooklyn Bridge
Park. The thrill of discovery started from the moment we walked onto the path
leading into the park. The spongy turf caused us to bounce slightly, adding to
the joy of being out, together in the sunshine. Inside, simple delights like a
slide with steps cut into a “cliffside” that plopped them down into a sandbox
make us giggle and smile. Watching a duck peck around in the East River while we
waited to board the ferry to Governor’s Island felt, to them and me, like we had
left the confines of our concrete jungle and landed someplace magical.

Adding to the magical feel of the day was the very cool, in temperature control
and style ;o), of my handmade top. I always feel especially confident and happy
when I’m wearing something I’ve made. My family has a great appreciation for my
handy skills, as well. My ten year-old daughter told me I looked like an
undercover disco diva with my psychedelic print top, platform sandals and puffy
hair! The kids and hubby were also fans of my red lipstick, which I debuted that
day, the wearing of which was an adventure in and of itself.

Since this day, our family adventures have kept on coming. We have enjoyed
eating out together and a journey to IKEA. We will be embarking on our greatest
adventure yet, moving our family of six to spacious digs where there are new
rooms and nooks and crannies to explore, walls to cover with handmade art and
cushions, jammies and blankets to make in preparation for fall. It’s the summer
of adventure in my family and we cannot wait to see what comes next!



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