Guest Post: Did You Make That?

Guest Post: Karen from Did you Make That?

I love to knit. It’s much more portable than sewing, and I am always cold and in need of sweaters. The problem, however, is that I am horrible at it. I make gorgeously even stitches, but am constantly adding and dropping them and end up with a lumpy octagon instead of a scarf. So today, I am pleased to bring you a wonderful post from someone who actually knows what they are doing: Karen, from Did You Make That? I am a big fan of her blog, her projects (she really sells that Lisette top), and her boldness! Thank you Karen!

Knitting On The Go

When Erica invited me to contribute a guest blog post during her vacation, her timing couldn’t have been better. I’d already become hardened to the experience of being photographed in public during my Me Made June adventures when I’d set myself the challenge of being photographed with a different stranger and wearing a self-made item over the entire course of June. If you don’t already know about Me Made June, check out this blog post from the woman who made it all happen, So Zo.

Erica suggested I write a post about an adventure I’d had whilst wearing one of my creations. I decided I could go one better. I’d recently found out that June 11th was Worldwide Knit In Public Day. This was the same day that I was taking an epic train journey from London to Cornwall. I’d be travelling for six hours minimum. Could I take my knitting with me, knit in public and ask complete strangers to photograph me knitting in public? You betcha!

I took lots of knitting for this five-day break. I mean, LOTS of knitting. After all, there’s nothing worse than running out of crafting on a holiday:

Here I am at my local train station, loaded down with luggage – and my knitting! As you can see, it’s not the most beautiful part of the world but nothing could rain on my happy parade.

I’m wearing my recent make of the Simplicity 2245 Lisette pattern. I really recommend this pattern – it’s a delight to put together and so comfortable for travelling. I blogged about it here.

Next stop, a trip on London Underground:

Then I caught up with a favourite bear of mine. A bear with a fondness for marmalade sandwiches:

Finally, I was snapped with boats in the background as our train took us over a beautiful estuary.

I think this counts as an adventure! Everyone I approached to help with the photos was lovely, so a big thanks to them. But most of all, thank you to Erica for inspiring this. I thoroughly recommend knitting in public, though I still find it difficult on the tube. It’s the seating arrangements, you see. A whole row of people face you, with nothing to do other than watch you work. I far prefer the privacy – real or imagined – of a tucked away seat on a train carriage.

Oh, and what was I knitting? It’s a cabled cushion cover from Erika Knight’s book, Classic At Home. It’s nearly finished!

When did you last knit in public? Have you conquered the fear of knitting on the tube or metro?



4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Did You Make That?

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  2. I always knit on the tube. The only shame I’ve felt is sitting next to someone who was knitting something much more complicated while I was dropping stitches (and effing and blinding under my breath). I’ve also had an Australian woman tell me (for ten minutes) that the dress I was making for my daughter was amazing. Which is great – obviously.

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