Guest Post: A Fashionable Stitch

Guest Post: Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch

While I am off having adventures of the Danish variety, I wanted to share with you some tales from the ladies who bring you some of my favourite sewing blogs. First is Sunni, from A Fashionable Stitch. Sunni’s was one of the first sewing blogs I discovered and quickly became one I read all the time, for both inspiration and explanation along the way. I am so excited to have her be a part of  Experiments and Accidents! Thank you Sunni!

Erica so kindly asked me to contribute a post this week about a former adventure I had in a handmade creation. Thanks so much Erica! I do hope you enjoy my tale of a girl, a flute, taffeta & McCall’s 2771.

I didn’t do any sewing in college except for one item, and that was the skirt for my senior recital. I’m a classically trained flute player and got a degree in music performance for it and senior recitals are the equivalent of some huge test at the end of your tenure as a student. I was so engrossed in schooling at the time that I’m actually surprised I was able to whip out a skirt, but somehow I did. And it was a beauty.

I was poor and so was my family – I mean that’s what college is right? – and so it was that I came to make something for my culminating finale of college. That or opt for something I already had, and I didn’t have much. I had decided on McCall’s 2771 and had found an irridescent sea green taffeta to complete the project in (pictured below). I was playing a piece that was inspired by Undine, a fabled water nymph who marries a knight in order to gain a soul. It’s a beautiful flute sonata that my recital was sort of based around and so the skirt seemed appropriate.

It took me a little while to finish, what with school and everything, but sheesh! when it was done, it truly was the perfect thing for my recital. It was complete with a short train and the sheen of the taffeta gave the whole ordeal an extra ethereal effect. I wore it with some favorite red shoes (I’m a serious sucker for red shoes) and a black top. Perfect.

I received so many compliments on it, asking where I had bought such a beauty and the like. It was just lovely! After my recital, my parents had put together a small reception for those who had come – which included several family members. I’m sure you can just feel what’s coming too! I was talking with my accompanist as my grandfather was headed toward me with a glass of punch and then before I knew it, my grandpa had lost his balance a little and the dear man had poured an entire glass of punch down my skirt! GASP! It was terrible! My heart sank, but I managed to tell my grandpa that it was just fine, no worries – after all, its just a piece of clothing, but my dear old grandpa could have slipped and fallen, which would have been really bad.

I have no images (sadly) of the skirt. And though it still exists, and has been cleaned – which ruined the crispness of the taffeta – it still has remnants of a punch stain down the side. Oh well! Even so, it would still be a fun item to wear and start a new story of my own – telling a tale of a flute playin seamstress who played the Undine Sonata so wildly that Undine herself gave her a round of applause in the form of a splash which still leaves its mark on the skirt the flute player wore….

Happy Sewing Adventures!




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