The Dorothy Shirt

I used to do some character work as Dorothy Gail from The Wizard of Oz and modelled as Dorothy as well (I have some really fun images from a shoot in a coin-laundry). It involved false eyelashes, a basket, and  – of course – ruby slippers! With it’s slightly gathered sleeves and checkered print, I like to think that this shirt is the casual, ready-to-wear version of that costume. It was so easy to make (McCalls 5318) and probably had the fewest pieces I’ve ever used for a pattern. And I always appreciate a pattern with a lot of darts. I decided to match the checks when I could, but not to get all hung up on it either.

The only drawback with this shirt is that I also modelled it after one of my person’s button-downs (I tried to steal it so many times that I just decided to make my own). We have discovered just how matchy and  “his and hers” it looks if we both wear them! Schedules will have to be worked out…


2 thoughts on “The Dorothy Shirt

  1. This is super cute Erica. I wish I could sew like you!
    My mother reminds me all the time that she used to make all of her clothes, even made her own wedding dress. I definitely didn’t get those skills.
    If you go into production – let me know 🙂

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