On thrifting in a small town

This shirt was clearly made for me!

Now that I’ve finished up my grad program, I am on the lookout for work clothes. I headed out on an expedition to one of the largest thrift stores in the area (which is not actually that far away, it’s just a nightmare to get there on the bus). I don’t get out there often and was a little disappointed in the results. It had me thinking about this article, where the authors apparently find vintage Dior blazers for under ten dollars, and silk Armani tank-tops for .99 cents. You never know what you might find though, and my willingness to dig and look at every single item paid off.  I left the “Erika” shirt behind, but took home a Michael Kors bolero, some vintage blouses that only need the tiniest of alterations, and a pair of sunglasses.  Unfortunately, it’s been pouring rain ever since!


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