After a successful weekend of cleaning/sorting/clearing out, I squished any clothes that:

a). I never wear, and really, never will wear (this includes some items I had been holding on to since high school),

b). are too big/too small/ never really fit me in the first place,

c). I loyally keep with the intention of possibly using them for a Halloween costume,

and headed out to a clothing swap.

There were about 20 cohorts there from my grad school program. We’ve had several swaps l and while I enjoy going, I don’t normally take home that much. Usually my mantra is to leave with far less than what I arrived with. However, this time it felt like the opposite!

Our method includes pilling all the clothes in a big common area, with one person pulling out an item at a time. Anyone interested can lay claim to the top. If there is more than one taker, it is either debated at the moment or set aside until the very end. Anything left unclaimed is donated to charity.  The image above is of the leftover clothes – that’s just how much stuff university students will get rid of at the end of the semester. Do you love that giant sweater? Enough to pack it and move it across the country? As someone who is not planning on moving (at least in the next few months) I was quite happy to pounce on some great pieces!


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