30/30 Dream Gifts: English Transportation

My heart fills with longing looking at this – for streets without ice and snow and a classy bike to ride on. While I do love my little franken-bike, I have spent more on repairs than I did on the actual bike. There are so many luxurious parts of this  Pashley bike: a back fender! A big light on the front! Gears! And best of all, a big Brooks Saddle Seat. Oh my.

This video explains how the “saddles” are made and is enjoyably cheesy at the beginning.

Wouldn’t it be fun to spend the summer on the road with one of these? They’re made in Bristol (yet another reason to love that city) and look quite roomy on the inside:

Or maybe one of these:

It’s a vintage caravan you can rent! What a fun adventure that would be.

Did looking at these pictures make anyone else crave popsicles?


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