30 days until I’m 30!

I can’t wait for my birthday. Growing up, I was always competing with Spring break/March break so it was difficult to schedule. As I got older, St. Patrick’s Day  became my psuedo-birthday, because no one wants to go for drinks on the 19th.

I also always ended up having major assignments due right around then too. Not this year! I have scheduled my assignments appropriately, and am planning an all-day-extravaganza for my birthday. I am also planning for lots of adventures, sewing projects, and yoga into my schedule between now and then.

There will be an extra-special series of blog posts sneaking in between now and then: lists, round-ups, a tribute to the Best Gift I Ever Received, and many more. This quote from David Sedaris sums up the project quite well: “No Not-Having-Fun”.

Let’s not-not-have -fun together!



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