Folsom Prison Blues Blouse

Between schedules and the weather, there hasn’t been a good time for photos, but we managed to sneak in a super-quick shoot today. I love this shirt and the story that goes with the name. A friend of mine saw the fabric at my house and joked that it looked like I was making a prison uniform! This reminded me of two things:

1. Johnny Cash’s song Folsom Prison Blues (see the video here).

2. Cult classic Troop Beverly Hills, in which Shelly Long’s character gives the drab girl-scout uniform a designer makeover. I had forgotten how great this movie is – I may have to watch it this weekend.

This project worked out great. I wanted to tone down the pattern, and gussy-up the fabric. I used McCalls 5929.  It makes a denim shirt more than just a basic (it looks great tucked into a pencil skirt).  I love how many darts there are in this shirt! The fit actually works for a curvy shape.  I cut out some of the ruffles right at the top, as I found they were too much around my face, and tacked down some of the others. I’m can’t wait to make another version of this shirt, this time with a spring floral fabric, no ruffles and a traditional collar.


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