Mood Fabrics Trip

There is only one fabric store in the city where I live, which happens to carry mostly cutesy novelty prints and fleece.  So I was very excited to go to Mood Fabrics in New York. I had a budget of one-hundred dollars and I easily spent that in under an hour, without ever realizing there was more than one floor. The staff were very helpful and I got some great fabric (I was especially looking for printed lining fabrics), but my favourite part of the whole experience was the elevator up to the store. It was an old manual one, with an attendant who pulled the gate across and announced each floor!


3 thoughts on “Mood Fabrics Trip

    • A dress, a shirt, and a skirt is the plan, but…the problem is I fell in love with the fabrics, but was so used to shopping in the sale department of the local chain- fabric store that I am now kind of scared to use them!

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