All natural Neo-Citran

My house is full of germs at the moment: my boyfriend and I are both sick. Today I made us some all-natural Neo-Citran (this is a brand of lemon-drink crystals from Canada. If I remember correctly, they’re called Lem-sips in England).  My sensitive system can’t handle the drugstore variety: it speeds up my heart rate and keeps me awake at night. So I just make my own, which is so easy to do and better for you. Here’s what you need:

About 2 and 1/2 cups of water

2 lemons

1 good-sized knob of ginger (about the palm of your hand)

honey to taste

Heat some water on the stove, and bring to a simmer. Slice one lemon and add that in. I kind of mash it down a little bit in the pot. Cut the other lemon in half and squeeze in the juice. Then, peel the ginger and grate in to the pot (as much as you like). Let that concoction brew for about 10 minutes. Then strain the liquid and serve in big cozy mugs. I add honey to taste, and a slice of lemon or two.

You will feel better and your house will smell lovely.


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