My Anthropologie dress

I fell in love with this dress from Anthropologie, but did not love the price – 300 dollars . So, I made my own version  for 25 dollars. The skirt is quite full and the shape is quite similar, but there was little to choose from in terms of fabric. In the end though, I love how it turned out! I added a 5 dollar belt from a second-hand store and am on the lookout for a little black cardigan.  I ended up with a ton of fabric left over (I couldn’t remember what size I had used on the pattern, so I went a little big just to be safe) and I think I might make over a chair to go with my desk.


5 thoughts on “My Anthropologie dress

  1. Hi, just happened to stumble across your blog looking at the ‘fashion’ tag on the home page and just wanted to say this is brilliant! You are really talented I’d love to be able to do this for stuff I cannot afford!

  2. Oh my god that is amazing. I love the dress. Did you use a specific pattern or do you know if there is anywhere on the internet where one can find patterns like this?

    Spring greetings
    – Emilie

    • Thank you! The pattern is Simplicity 2444 – it’s one of the Project Runway ones. I am thinking of shortening the dress though to make it more like the anthro one – I’m 5’2, so it’s almost tea-length right now.

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