Desk Makeover

This desk was a hand-me-down that was originally found on the side of the street.  Normally, you can’t see the desk because it is hidden under a nest of papers, fabric and magazines.  I’m hoping that now it’s so pretty, I will make a better effort to keep it clean and visible. I love the shape, the scale, and now – the colour!  A few tips for your own furniture makeovers:

1. I wish I had used an even glossier pant. I used eggshell, and while it looks good, it’s kind of flat. I may go over it with polyurethane.

2. All you need to clean metal is vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. The handles were so crusty that I had to pre-soak them in vinegar on the stove (and yes, hot vinegar and metal smell just as bad as you think they will). Then, rub them with a paste made from the baking soda and lemon juice.  They come out so shiny!

I can’t wait to write some letters on my new desk!


4 thoughts on “Desk Makeover

  1. Great job! It sure turned out well. As for the paint, best to get a semi-gloss of the same color. Sometimes urathane has the tendency to yellow the color underneath so you might want to test a small area first.

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