Berlin or Bust!

Do you know about Cycling For Libraries? It’s an international un-conference happening next summer over a 10 day journey from Copenhagen to Berlin – by bike!

Travel, bikes, and libraries all in one big adventure? Yes Please.

Although, the first day I decided that I really did want to do this, the basket completely fell off my bike in the middle of an intersection, and I thought – maybe not.  But, to use a sophisticated term, it’s been on the noodle.  Some part of me is just not willing to let this idea go.  I can think all of all kinds of reasons why this is not a feasible plan (or sensible – 650 kilometres!), but none of them come close to putting me off.  I can be doggedly persistent when I want something.  So, here I go: Berlin or bust!

Image from Cycling for Libraries, and you can also find their Facebook page here.


2 thoughts on “Berlin or Bust!

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