Le Velo

I love my bike because it reminds me of Charlie Brown. Which is what I might remind you of if you saw me go (slowly) by.  There are no gears and you have to back-pedal to break. And cycling just kills me for some reason. Or, at least it used to – Thank you, Hot Yoga.  I feel like I am actually making progress with my: 1. cycling confidence and 2. endurance.  Last summer I would come home, collapse on the floor and cry I was so exhausted and frustrated (it’s a half-hour of constant incline to get home).   No tears yet this year.  However, I would like to give my bike a make-over. I heard that I could sand it down and then paint it, but I also saw this option on Cori Kindred:

The tassels and the seat are not really my style, but I love the fabric! I am wondering though how feasible this is for a coastal climate, especially considering just how wet I was by the time I got home yesterday, and it wasn’t even raining that hard.  I have a vision of leaving a trail of slimy wet fabric all the way from the very south end to the very north end of town…

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