Tiny Buried Treasure!

I was poking through some old papers the other night (not so much organizing as just being nosy) when I came across an envelope…full of other envelopes. This is not an unusual thing for me – I had lots of pen-pals growing up and still do. However, there were no addresses written on the front of these envelopes, but instead  names of countries in alphabetical order. Inside were hundreds of postage stamps, from all over the world.

I had completely forgotten I had a stamp collection!  I think that I was actually the recipient of several hand-me-down stamp collections and that was how I ended up with such a great variety: Japan, India, Iraq, Croatia, South Africa, Chad, and on and on!

So now the plan is to resurrect the collection and the goal is to one day see all the countries whose stamps I had hidden in back of a drawer.


One thought on “Tiny Buried Treasure!

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