Grey Gardens, the mini-version

Confession: I have never mown a lawn in my life.  It was just never my chore to do.  I’ve come back from a month away, and the lovely person who normally handles that job has also been away and will be gone for some time to come. We are now that house on the street – the entire front yard is dandelions, and the grass up to your knees. We have a very neat-and-tidy neighbor who loves to mow his lawn, and every week he veers a little further into our yard. I’m hoping that if I just wait, I might come home one day to a smug neighbor and a clean yard.

And, the tulips are nearly done, but the giant lilac bushes in the front of the house are about to bloom.

There is a long weekend coming up and I have big plans for the garden friends, big plans.


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